The toilet is an essential component in any bathroom and you need to be sure that it is correctly installed so that there isn’t a problem with leakage or any potential hygiene issues. For this reason, you must have your toilet installed by a John and Sons Plumbing Heating and Cooling professional plumber. Here is some more information.

Toilet Installation
Place new closet bolts on the flange. Set the new wax ring; Remove the temporary cap from the drain hole. Drop the siphon over the closet bolts and onto the flange. Screw the nuts onto the closet bolts and tighten with a wrench. Attach the water supply line to the wall and the tank, drop the tank onto the bowl and tighten the wing nuts. Slide the toilet into place over the siphon unit. Attach the water supply line to the wall, and flush to fill the tank.

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